My Place

I opened up Salon My Place in my home in Hintonburg in 2012.  A one woman show, my clients were very accepting and understanding of some of the more “interesting” areas used for my home-salon and even more understanding of the terrible sink I used (very uncomfortable). In 2013 we moved to Westboro at 706 Tweedsmuir Ave. The back addition was converted into my new salon space. It sported a separate entrance and had more space (as well as a much nicer sink). Three years later, on a hot July day in 2016 we moved the salon to 377 Churchill Ave. A store front – I think we’ll stay here for awhile 🙂

Our Mission

We want you to feel at home. Kick your feet up with a coffee (We serve Equator) or delicious tea while we work on your hair (we serve wine too!).
Taking our time and listening.
Creating healthy hair and a warm atmosphere.
To educate ourselves to better serve our community. We strive to offer beautiful hairstyling at a reasonable price for the whole family.
Taking care of our environment as well as reducing our waste is a top priority . Please read all about our constantly morphing project of Greening Salon My Place.




Q – What methods of payment do you accept?

A – We happily accept Debit, Cash, Visa and MasterCard

Can I book online?

Q – Do you have online booking

A – Sure do! Find our app on the “Contact us page” or on our Facebook page

What about parking?

Q – Where can I park?

A – Side streets almost always have parking spots available.

What stylist do I pick?

Q – What is the difference between Master and Apprentice stylists?

A – Years of experience. Seeing an apprentice helps in teaching an up and comer in the industry. It’s also an economical way to get an awesome new style!

Can you do weddings?

Q – Do you style wedding hair?

A – Absolutely, book your consultation today!

Do you do kid’s hair?

Q – Will you cut my child’s hair?

A – We will! As long as your child wants his/her haircut, we’ll do it. Please note, we offer cuts for kids, youth and teens. The timing and price is different based on time spent.

Can I bring my baby while I get my hair done?

Q – Are babies welcome while Mom or Dad are getting their hair done?

A – For sure! As long as baby is secure in their chair and aren’t on the move, they are welcome.

What’s the process?

Q- Will you take your time with my hair?

A- We certainly will. Have you heard of the slow food movement? We’re that for hair. We like to take our time to offer you the most relaxing and beautiful experience possible.

Can I cancel an appointment?

Q- What is your cancellation policy?

A- We asked for at least 48 hours notice. We are often booked weeks in advance and would love to offer your cancelled appointment to another person if you can’t make it.


You can book an appointment or feel free to send us an inquiry, below, or give us a ring.